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Stats Page

Once you reach the stats page, you can click the "rankings"
tab at the bottom of the page to see where you stand.


1st place...Brian....$220.00
2nd place...Jeanne....$130.00
3rd place...Jim....$78.00
4th place...
Mike S.....$40.00


1. Cost....$36.00...(must be paid before season begins)
2. A driver can be used only twice per season
3. Picks must be in to me before qualifying begins or you will get a '55'
4. If your driver does not make the field for any reason, you will get a '55'
5. If a driver leaves a race in progress, or cannot start, your pick stays with the car #
6. A win gets you a (-10), 2nd place a 2, 3rd place a 3, etc.
7. Low score at the end of the season wins
8. In the event of a tie, money for the tieing spot and the next place down will be combined and evenly split between the tied players
9. The number in dark blue is your score for that race, the number in red is your total score
10. Any drivers highlighted in light blue have been used twice

Gary Keel

Cell phone...989-245-4812
View at...http://www.gkeel.com